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3 fresh peaches, diced
a dozen or so mint leaves
1/4 cup unsweetened ice tea
juice from one half a fresh lemon
a teaspoon of bartender's sugar
a dash of bitters
2 jiggers of vodka (grey goose or better)

In a shaker, muddle the sugar, bitters, mint and lemon juice until leaves are well broken up, toss in the peaches, muddle the crap out of the mixture, crushing the peaches to pulp, toss in ice and vodka, shake, pour into a glass containing the iced tea. Mix. Serve immediately.

This cocktail is called "I Saw The Figure 5 In Gold". It may need some tweaking, so I'd appreciate help with getting the portions right.
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16th-Jul-2013 09:55 pm - I really wish I had time for this
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There's not a lot going on in my life, but I do really wish I had more time for journaling. Less workbrain, more me-brain.

On the other hand, a vacation was *exactly* what I needed. I should do that more often.
15th-Jul-2013 10:13 am - I should do a long Readercon writeup
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When I'm not recovering from getting in after midnight from the con. Bullet points:

I think it all went well as can be expected

I need to be more organized, and schedule time for my responsibilities before hand.

I enjoy being on panels, and will ask to be on programming next year

Having a suite was awesome. I don't think we can swing it again, but it was really nice. I might do booze differently next time, if I have more prep time and brainpower to think about it. Perhaps planning further out in advance with a local co-conspirator?

Renting a car for the weekend was a good plan. A better plan would be at least two drivers (myself? I am terrible about getting lessons and a license) and a car that leaves from NY, and comes back

The vestiges of the "feminism is ruining everything" contingent seem to be sloughing off like scabs on a newly healed cut. A few remain, but with luck, actually talking about safety will make them feel so unsafe that they'll hide in caves during con time. Yes, some fritterheads actually claim that conversations in public an a focus on safety is unsafe. One person said it was insulting to women to not just have them take care of themselves.

I missed Daniel Jose Older's talk about gender and power because of responding a safety issue. I'm sad about missing it, but I think we're going to handle the safety issue well as the response progresses, and handled it OK while we were getting the report.

The drive back was nice. We were so lucky to have an offer of a ride at the last moment.

I miss so many people. It really felt like a vibrant, active community, talking about things we love, and about how to better care for each other.
10th-Jul-2013 04:11 pm - See you at Readercon?
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If any of y'all will be there, please let me know.
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Can you find some twonk calling himself "political economist" who claims that "lots" of people went to college before there was a subsidy on student loans, so cutting that subsidy and expecting a reasonable "return" like you'd get on an auto loan is a good thing for the country.

Republicans seem to straight up believe that since college educational costs are growing too high, it's because of a subsidized loan industry, and private college profiteering. To which the solution is to cut the supply by weeding out students who can't manage to get credit. And no, it's not at all eating our intelectual seed corn because before we had government loans, we were a super awesome superpower.

This is what people actually believe.
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In no way are these two people shit talking ball kicking radicals. I mean, they're radical if you stand off at a distance, from on top of Mount Sexist Asshat, but not from where actual radicals sit.

I'm not even that deeply radical myself. Honestly radical feminists who're big about being rad fems are not generally SFWA members.

What Mary and Elise have mostly in common is astoundingly good manners, more charm than an imperial battalion of charm school headmistresses, vast patience, and overall kindness.

They're some of the nicest people I've ever met. They're warm. They're friendly. They're generous. They help others. They're smart. They care deeply about the community they're a part of. They create beautiful art. They make the world a better place.

So when they've reached the end of the rope, and are telling people to fuck off, those people they're telling? Well they must have tried the patience of people who have more than I, or almost everyone else I've ever met has.
19th-Jun-2013 07:56 am - feeling better
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Well enough to go into work, at least. And of course, rosefox's birthday dinner tonight.
18th-Jun-2013 12:55 pm - Still sick. Ugh
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Feeling better than yesterday, but unable to think much due to lack of sleep & congestion. Should be well enough for work tomorrow.
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